Fair Sponsored Events

 MCFLA Fair Sponsored Events 

Livestock Judging This is a judging event that encourages and teaches judging techniques for our future Livestock Judges, helping youth to recognize selection, conformation and style.  Youth use a score card to judge and their score card is compared to the actual judges score card for a match or close to match.  The youth that score the highest is awarded a belt buckle. 
Halter Heifer Show and Texas Longhorn Show This is a open halter heifer show.  An out of county judge will judge both exhibitor and heifer.  There are several classes and the exhibitor with the highest placing heifer in each class will be awarded a belt buckle.
Royalty Pageant This event gives participants the opportunity to speak to judges in interviews, teaching interview skills, and encourages poise and posture and proper etiquette along with public speaking skills in front of an audience.
Rodeo Queen Pageant  This event gives the participants the opportunity to speak to judges in interviews, teaching interview skills, and encourages poise and posture and proper riding etiquette along with public speaking skills and horsemanship in front of an audience.
Scholarships The Fair Association awards scholarships for county graduating seniors. One of the Fair Associations’ greatest honors, with the support of our sponsors and community is the presentation of scholarships to our graduating seniors.  In the spring of 2015 the Fair Association awarded $32,000.00 in scholarships.   Each year the Fair Association strives to increase this amount to continue the betterment of our youth’s future.
Talent Show   Talent Show is a fun contest that promotes and encourages our youth to learn new given talents and share them with the public.  
Public Speaking Contest   Participants are encourages to select an agriculture subject, research it and sell it to the judges.  Participants are judged on their speaking skills, knowledge of the subject and ability to present their research in an interesting and timely manner while holding the attention of their audience.  This contest encourages proper speaking skills and builds confidence to speak in front of a crowd.
Phillips 66 Local Team Roping Event made up of two riders on horseback, one header who ropes the head of the steer and one heeler that ropes the heels of a steer, working together as a team for the fastest time to rope a steer.
Bar-B-Q Cook-Off This is an exciting weekend of cooking and friendly competition. For the best BBQ in Texas, come on out and join the fun.
Home Economics Food Show Youth display their cooking skills with their finished products being judged critiqued by experts so that they can only get better.  
Team Penning Youth and Adults cut & pen three heifers with the same identification number within two minutes.
Commercial Heifer Show A six month project that encourages our youth to learn what it takes to be a rancher.  Exhibitors  are judged on interview skills, record keeping, and knowledge of their project, projects are auctioned off and the exhibitor receives 93.5% of the total sales to be used for their college expenses and buyers at the auction will find “top of the line ” replacement heifers for their cattle operation.
Ranch Rodeo Good old cowboy fun!  Teams compete in Calf Branding, Steer Yoking, and Steer Doctoring. Competition among local cowboys that work with cattle every day to see which team is faster
Ladies Calf Decorating Ladies put shorts on a calf - Very entertaining!
Academic Rodeo Local youth compete in a agriculture knowledge bowl.
Agriculture Mechanics Youth tractor restoration and Mechanical Building project.  Youth are encouraged to use their creativity and talents and Imagination to create top quality farm or ranch equipment, outdoor grills, furniture or hunting equipment.  They are judged on their craftsmanship and knowledge of their project.
Home Economics Craft Show This project encourages creativity and provides an opportunity for our youth to display their art and sell their projects at the County Craft Store during the Fair.  The youth are judges on their creativity, craftsmanship and originality.   
Exceptional Day This is a wonderful event where youth spend the day looking at the animals, riding rides and have a “fun time” at the Fair. This is by far the most rewarding experience for our teenage Junior Fair Board members and Directors as well.                                     
Junior Livestock Show & Auction   4-H & FFA Exhibitors are judges as they demonstrate showmanship skills with their livestock animal projects.  Animals that place are auctioned off in the Jr. Livestock Auction; the exhibitor receives 93.5% of the proceeds from the sale of their project to be used for college.
Ladies Barrel Racing Local ladies and their horses compete against the clock to make the fastest time around the Barrels with the top three fastest times returning to compete in the “Slack Night” Barrel Racing Event on Wednesday Night.
Mutton (Sheep) Bustin Our youngest competitors take a long 8-Second ride on a shorter, tamer version of the bull (a sheep).  This event is open to youth 5 to 10 years of age and weighing 50 or less pounds.
Kid Coloring Contest Coloring contest open to youth K-2nd Grade – artwork is on display during the Fair and Rodeo.
Kids Rodeo Clown Contest Open to youth K-2nd Grade – Youth are judged on their Rodeo clown attire by a professional Rodeo Clown.  
Bucket Calf Show Our youngest exhibitors display their hard work and achievement as they proudly showcase their bottle calves.   
Senior Citizens Craft Show Seniors compete and display their creativity and are awarded prizes.
Senior Citizens Day Seniors are invited to a luncheon filled with entertainment and fun.  This event is held on Thursday and seniors are invited to attend the Rodeo Event at a discounted ticket price.
Junior Wild Steer Saddling Local high school students compete against the clock to saddle and ride a steer across the finish line.  Teams consist of three members and the team with the fastest time is awarded buckles.
PRCA Rodeo PRCA Sanctioned event consisting of Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, Calf Roping, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Team Roping, and Bare Back Riding events.   Local events within the rodeo performance include Jr. Steer Saddling, Mutton Bustin, Wild Cow Saddling and the Calf Scramble.
Matagorda County Stampede - Xtream Bronc Riding and Bull Riding Rough Stock Event -   Our October Xtream  Rough Stock Event will feature 12 of the best Bronc Riders and Bull Riders each competing for a $10K purse.  This event will also feature Steer Saddling, Mutton Bustin, and Bull Fighting.  This is our annual scholarship fundraiser.
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